How We Tell Stories

At Intriguing Ideas, we tell stories through Marketing, Video and Code. We beleive that storytelling is at the root of the human experience and that technology is best used as a tool for sharing that experience. We produce digital marketing campaigns, video productions and websites that help businesses and individuals share their best stories.

Freedom Through Stories

Many companies have a blog. At Intriguing Ideas, our blog has a company. More than just being cute with language we are expressing the idea that we believe life is not about working, rather life is about living. Our blog, Life Listed, tells our stories of jam-packing our lives with amazing people and experiences by pushing ourselves to achieve extreme life goals. Our products try to do the same by enabling people to work less on things they don’t like and play more with the things they love.

Our Intriguing Ideas

We don't claim to be the creators of all of these ideas but we do work incredibly hard to implement them.

Philosophies Our Intriguing Philosophies

  • Happiness is as simple as identifying what makes you happy and then including those people or experiences in your life.
  • Sustained happiness is as hard as understanding why these people or experiences bring you happiness and including them in your life every day.

Strategies Our Intriguing Strategies

  • We will be Empathetic - We will know our customers better than anyone else.
  • We will be Focused - In order to be the best at what we decide to do, we must actively eliminate all of the unimportant opportunities.
  • We will be Design Oriented - People do judge a book by its cover. Even if we have the best product, we are not finished until we impute the desired value.

Company Ideas Our Intriguing Business Ideas

  • Live first, work second.
  • The traditional startup lifestyle is not the only path to success.
  • There is no need to strive to be a billionaire, being a happy millionaire is enough.
  • Great companies have a point of view, not just a product or service.
  • The ideal office is a coffee shop like environment where the nourishments are free and the distractions are minimized.
  • The best way to have great ideas is simply to have many ideas.

Product Our Intriguing Product Ideas

  • Products should have a personality, kinda like the fat kid from Superbad.
  • Products should market themselves by seducing their users and making their friends jealous.
  • Products should be purpose focused not necessarily rich with features.

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