Digital Marketing Services

On-Site SEO Seminar

Danny Dover will visit your place of business to teach basic and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) fundamentals to key employee groups. This will include an explanation of how content creators and editors can target important keywords, how they should link within their stories, and how to enhance online visibility.

Global Strategies Report

A strategic analysis of internationally focused sites and ranking efforts.

  • Inventory of alternate language versions and non-native, foreign Top Level domains (“TLDs”).
  • Analysis of duplicate content issues across common-language sites.
  • Interlinking, architecture and redirection strategies to maximize rankings in domestic and international search engines.
  • Analysis of local search ranking fundamentals.
  • Analysis of result usability to assure different users are receiving the best page version for their geographic and language needs.

Keyword Research Report

  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will research and identify the most valuable search terms, phrases and areas where your organic rankings need to improve.
  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will also as identify valuable new search terms, phrases and areas to effectively target your audience.

Site Review and Information Architecture Report

  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will review SEO metrics such as your existing site’s information architecture, including canonical issues, duplicate content, content spiderability, use of sitemaps and 404 pages, and hosting and IP issues.
  • Special attention is given to internal link flow in order to maximize the value of strong content and buoy weaker areas.
  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will review and report on your domain structure and how this impacts your rankings. The report will include URL redirection rules and instructions for your existing site.
  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will also counsel you regarding the best use of your title tags, meta description tags, and in-document keyword use.

User Engagement Report

  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will provide feedback and strategies for improving the usability of your site, including site layout, navigation and features.
  • Intriguing Ideas, LLC will provide you strategies to help improve user engagement and site visibility, including on-site social implementation, external social engagement, viral content and link-building strategies.

Personalized Blog Manual

Intriguing Ideas, LLC will create your Personalized Blog Manual. The manual will make recommendations regarding technology, blog format, design, comment management system, tie-ins with other sections of your website, valuable contributors (authors, etc.), blog promotion and marketing.

Online Marketing Strategies Report

Intriguing Ideas, LLC will research and identify methods to develop your presence in online media, including third-party blogs, news portals, industry-specific websites, etc.

Competitive Analysis Report

Intriguing Ideas, LLC will determine how your top three competitors are marketing and how to position you against them.

Link Management Report

  • Optimizing Your Current In-bound Links. Intriguing Ideas, LLC will create a report that includes a list of current inbound links and recommendations on how improve relationships with third parties who are already linking to your site and to optimize the value of your current inbound links.
  • Link Building Recommendations. Intriguing Ideas, LLC will identify relevant directories and websites to approach for inbound links. This will include suggestions for planned, on-site social implementation as well as strategies for external social engagement, including suggestions for viral link building campaigns, as appropriate.

Ongoing Consulting

Intriguing Ideas, LLC will provide a predetermined amount of hours of ongoing consulting time to be used as-needed for future questions, issues or advice on proposed strategies.

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